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Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Jane Kirkland

Take a Beach Walk

Paperback (Stillwater Publishing June 1, 2007)
Presenting the waterfront ecosystem in a way that offers much to observe and explore, this educational guide reconnects children with the outdoors in today’s highly technological age. Packed with fun and interesting sidebars, this book instructs kids to take field notes, make lists, and learn about what they discover. They will gain the ability to identify shells, birds, crabs, plants, and insects, as well as obtain deeper knowledge about the environment, such as how beaches are formed, why they are important, and how so many different kinds of creatures can survive there. Young explorers will also learn details about the effects of tides and currents, as well as the causes of beach pollution, providing insights into a fascinating part of the world they might otherwise take for granted.
Take a Walk series (Book 1)
0970975449 / 9780970975447
7.2 oz.
8.5 x 0.1 in.

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