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The Runaway: A Maryellen Mystery

Age 8-10
Grade 3-4

Alison Hart, Juliana Kolesova

The Runaway: A Maryellen Mystery

Paperback (American Girl Feb. 16, 2017)
Scooter, Maryellen's pudgy pet dachshund, may be lazy, but he's one of the family, and Maryellen loves him dearly. And he never misses a meal! So when Scooter doesn't show up at dinnertime, she's worried. Maryellen launches a search and discovers some strange goings-on in her neighborhood. With the help of her friends and family, the search for Scooter takes Maryellen from the streets of Daytona Beach to the rocket launchpad at Cape Canaveral!
American Girl Beforever Mysteries
1609588584 / 9781609588588
11.2 oz.
5.1 x 0.5 in.

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