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You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Robots!

Age 8+
Grade 3-6

Ian Graham, David Antram

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Robots!

Paperback (Franklin Watts Sept. 1, 2018)
Learn about how robots are helping humanity by doing jobs that are too dangerous for people, exploring places that humans cannot reach, and becoming our helpers and companions.
This series takes readers (Ages 8-12) on a historical journey, examining how people coped in the past and how they developed ingenious ways to make life safer and less unpleasant. Each book features full-color cartoon-style illustrations and hilarious speech bubbles to heighten interest, making the series attractive even to reluctant readers.

Robots are machines that can be programmed to carry out a series of complex actions automatically or under the control of an operator. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mechanical arms and driverless vehicles to walking, talking, artificial people.
You Wouldn't Want to Live Without...
0531193616 / 9780531193617
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