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LJ Andrews

Band of Shadows

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform July 18, 2017) , 1 edition
Every Hero Has Enemies. Just Make Sure You Fight The Right One. Surviving the crew of the Star's Vengeance, Nova and her friends are safe--for now. On a new quest to reunite a family torn, they will face their fiercest enemy yet, The Band of Shadows. Armed with mysterious weapons and a deep hatred of the Djinn, the band will stop at nothing until Nova faces fate on their terms. Not everything is as it seems in the Band of Shadows. Perhaps, the fate they want Nova to face is exactly where she is meant to be. But only if she can survive. The third thrilling fantasy installment in the Djinn Kingdom. More Twists. More Secrets. More Danger.
The Djinn Kingdom (Book 3)
1973748649 / 9781973748649
14.9 oz.
6.0 x 0.6 in.

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