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Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water

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Grade 4-6

Tricia Offutt

Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water

Paperback (Ferne Press June 1, 2015)
How can lemonade and kids make a difference? It starts with a bucket. Meet Bucket 96. He's an average five-gallon white bucket...or so he thinks! Bucket 96 and his "friends" Mr. Sawyer, Bossy Buck, and Double Oh 7 are set for a wild and crazy adventure when the Bucket Makers sell them to the Bucket Destroyers. But wait! Things take a turn for the worse when they find they are going to "Hey Tea" and await the "End of the Line". Will Bucket 96 and his bucket friends actually become superheroes? Find out and read how you can help, too.
1938326415 / 9781938326417
3.2 oz.
5.8 x 0.2 in.