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Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Alphabet

Age 2+

Workman Publishing

Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Alphabet

Paperback (Workman Publishing Company May 19, 2010) , Crds edition
It's a brand-new Brain Quest format geared to give the earliest learners a leg up on writing, reading, and using numbers: Brain Quest Write & Erase sets. These are titles that feed a real need—helping preschoolers get ready for kindergarten.Featuring an attached pack of 40 large, write-on, wipe-off cards plus a dry-erase pen, each deck teaches a critical skill in a very practical way while at the same time being fun, entertaining, and informative—in the classic Brain Quest manner.Alphabet shows kids the right way to write their letters, both uppercase and lowercase, and also includes letter-identification and vocabulary-building quizzes on each page.Brain Quest Write & Erase sets are perfect for parents who want to help kids take learning in their own hands—and to instill that core message of Brain Quest: It's Fun to Be Smart!
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4.1 x 0.9 in.

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