Grade 3-4

J.C. Carr

S.J. Goes to School

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform May 13, 2016)
"That night, I left school for the last time. I thought about all I achieved, but I never forgot my Collie family and all the dogs --- too many to count --- I left behind in the puppy mill and animal shelter. I barked and wished that they could all be adopted, and then, there would be no more homeless animals in shelters. And wouldn't that be wonderful?" S.J. Goes to School is the sequel to the true story of S.J., a rescued puppy mill collie and adopted shelter dog from the book that started it all --- S.J. Goes Home. S.J., the main character and narrator, tells his story of rescue, adoption, his schooling and achievements. His mom, realizing that he is an exceptionally smart dog with an "excellent memory," tells him, "S.J., it's time to go to school." She enrolls him in beginner, intermediate and advanced training classes where he meets fellow students, Frankie and Olee. S.J. excels in his classes and graduates with "Best in Class" honors on his three diplomas, then, prepares to take the "Therapy Dog Test." Children, parents, teachers and all readers cheer him during his final exam where he is "one cool collie" under pressure, aces the test and earns his fourth diploma to become a certified therapy dog. The book, beautifully illustrated in color by artist, Kerri Carabetta, captures the essence of S.J.'s temperament, intelligence, humility and education. After reading S.J. Goes to School, readers, like the author, will champion shelter pet adoptions. Children learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by providing training, care and love that give a dog a second chance at a forever home and a happy, fulfilling life...just like S.J., who is a testament to what shelter dogs can achieve when given that second chance.
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