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Wind Rider
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Susan Williams
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Laura Geringer
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Age 10+
Grade 4-6

Susan Williams

Wind Rider

Hardcover (Laura Geringer Oct. 1, 2006) , First Edition edition

Fern dreams of riding on a wild horse's back, as fleet as the wind. She makes pets of small animals and watches the bison herds as they pound over the endless grasses of the steppe. Chafing at the inequality of being female, she longs for the freedom her twin brother enjoys to run free in the wilderness. One day in early spring, Fern secretly rescues a young horse mired in the bog, names her Thunder, and tames her enough to ride, claiming the horse as her own. But the people of Fern's tribe are distrustful of her bond with nature. Is she a witch? Does she weave her spells on animals? Fern's future looks bleak until a silent man in a rival tribe, known only as The Nameless One, teaches her about patience—and love.

Susan Williams's lyrical prose makes this journey to prehistoric western Asia at once inspiring and heart wrenching.

0060872365 / 9780060872366
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5.5 x 1.0 in.