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Mike Shelton

The Dragon Rider

eBook ( May 3, 2017)

War is brewing.

The magical barrier is down.

Dragons fill the skies once more.

Bakari is the first dragon rider in centuries but he alone cannot subdue the growing tensions among the kingdoms around Alaris. He begins a quest to find more dragon riders -- the only way to secure peace in the fractured lands around him.

Roland Tyre seizes control of the Citadel and carefully plays both sides -- but his immense charm and considerable wizard powers may prove useless against a deadly and hidden enemy.

Battle Wizard Alli Stenos is in the thick of every fight she can find and only wants to secure an end to the violence.

As the three young wizards, Bakari, Roland and Alli become more powerful than many of their elders, will that be enough to keep Alaris, and the surrounding kingdoms, from descending into all-out war?

If you love magic, wizards, sword & Sorcery, and of course dragons, you won't be disappointed with the second book in The Alaris Chronicles.


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