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Genius: The Revolution
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Leopoldo Gout
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Leopoldo Gout

Genius: The Revolution

Paperback (Square Fish Jan. 1, 2022) , Reprint edition

Three diverse teen geniuses must take down an online terrorist ring, rescue an imprisoned father, and prepare for their final showdown with a misguided mastermind in this third and final book in the Genius young adult trilogy by Leopoldo Gout.

How do we stop him? We beat him at his own game.

Painted Wolf: Mysterious activist blogger and strategist from China. Faces off against dangerous online terrorists in an attempt to free her father from prison.

Tunde: Fourteen-year-old engineering genius. Liberated his Nigerian village from a vicious warlord only to discover a much more dangerous threat.

Rex: Sixteen-year-old Mexican-American programmer and hacker. Bands together with his friends and long lost brother to stop a mastermind from destroying the internet.

The Revolution: Outwit evil organizations. Expose the truth. Rescue their families. Save the world.

If we work together, we can change the world.

Praise for the Genius series:

"Genius is exciting, provocative, fresh, innovative, and smart, smart, smart. Please don't wait until Genius is a cult classic to read it." ―James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Maximum Ride novels

“There is simply too much here to like. . . . Gout's characters are believable and immensely likable and their friendship serves as a delightful and realistic anchor amid the fast-moving chaos. Science and technology may take center stage in Gout’s fictional Game, but it's the less flashy craft of writing that sells the story.” ―The New York Times

Genius (Book 3)
1250308917 / 9781250308917
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5.5 x 8.2 in.

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