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Faraday: Pioneer of Electricity

Age 8+
Grade 3-4

Ian Graham, David Antram

Faraday: Pioneer of Electricity

Paperback (B.E.S. Publishing Sept. 1, 2003) , 1 edition
Lively full-color illustrations and fun-to-read text combine in the attractive Explosion Zone books to tell the stories of important inventors and their discoveries. Interesting narrative relates the ways in which these imaginative men approached their discoveries. Stories are supplemented with easy-to-understand explanations of the scientific principles underlying each phase of their inventions. Two-page spreads feature sidebars called Here�s the Science, presenting short and clear explanations of the how the inventions work, based on principles of physics and chemistry. Young readers will find sufficient detail in the many illustrated explanations so that they can build models for themselves and investigate principles of science and technology at first hand. Michael Faraday, an Englishman born in 1791, shares his generation�s fascination with the newly discovered energy called electricity. When he becomes an assistant to his era�s great scientist, Sir Humphrey Davy, Faraday quickly learns principles of chemistry and physics that lead him to discover methods of harnessing electricity�s power for practical uses. He discovers a way to produce an electric battery. He also discovers the relationship between electricity and magnetism, which leads him to develop the first electrically-powered motors and electric generators. (Ages 8�12)
The Explosion Zone
0764125923 / 9780764125928
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