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Why Does Everything Happen to Me?

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Alice B. Jempsa

Why Does Everything Happen to Me?

Paperback (Trafford Publishing Feb. 10, 2017)

Life isn’t easy for a little boy who isn’t responsible. Sometimes he’s late for school. He makes a mess when he eats because he doesn’t pay attention. His big brother calls him a “dumb little kid,” and it’s so frustrating when he forgets to do his homework! Even worse, being irresponsible can get him into big trouble.

Why Does Everything Happen to Me? tells the story of one young boy, learning the importance of responsibility. It’s hard being a kid, remembering so many things: homework, lunch money, and soccer practice. Why should a kid so small be expected to remember so much anyway?

There is a valuable lesson to be learned, however, even when we mess up. The little boy must come to terms with it, especially when his mom asks, “Who forgot his homework? Who forgot his lunch money? Who is to blame?” Even little kids can’t always depend on adults to get things done; sometimes little kids have to be responsible. It’s all part of growing up!

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