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Story of the World, Vol. 3 Bundle

Age 9-12
Grade 3-7

Susan Wise Bauer

Story of the World, Vol. 3 Bundle

Paperback (The Well-Trained Mind Press Feb. 25, 2020) , 1 edition

Spend an entire year investigating the fascinating story of the world between 1600 and 1850--from Europe and the Middle East through India, China, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, and both North and South America!

Designed for parents and elementary/middle grade students (grades 3-7) to share together, The Story of the World, Volume 3: Early Modern Times history set builds historical literacy, improves reading and comprehension skills in both fiction and nonfiction, and increases vocabulary--all in an enjoyable and entertaining story-like format.

The Story of the Worldpaperback text offers 42 narrative chapters, told in chronological order and spanning the entire globe, that begin with the Spanish colonization of South America and end with the Gold Rush. Independent readers can easily enjoy the stories on their own, or parents can read aloud to younger students. This newly revised edition includes improved maps, 40 new illustrations, and a timeline.

The Volume 3 Activity Book offers a whole variety of hands-on projects to complement each chapter in the paperback text--map activities, coloring pages, games, cooking experiments, crafts, board games, science experiments, puzzles, and more! Extensive booklists, both fiction and nonfiction, accompany each set of projects and give parents and children the opportunity to read more about the fascinating people and events in each of the 42 chapters. Also newly revised, this edition has updated book recommendations, 42 brand new coloring pages, an increased focus on non-western and underrepresented peoples, and dozens of new illustrations, game boards, and more.

The Volume 3 Test Book & Answer Key rounds out this history resource by providing simple tests and answer keys for each chapter in the text. A combination of multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short writing samples allow parents to evaluate the child’s comprehension, and gives young students a simple, low-pressure way to practice test-taking skills.

historical figures, coloring pages, maps, game boards, study cards
Story of the World (Book 3)
1945841745 / 9781945841743
91.2 oz.
8.5 x 2.8 in.

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