Habibah Carter

Racing the Rain

(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Oct. 8, 2016)
4 strangers, 1 classroom. What brings them together is fate, what keeps them together is friendship. For Bernadette, being raised by a single mom is hard enough but factor in mom's abusive alcoholic boyfriend and you have a recipe for disaster. Stillman's brothers have always treated him as an outcast. When he gets in a fight at school his parents move the family to California for a fresh start. Will things change? Reece has a normal life until a freak accident renders his brother an invalid. With his dad spending longer hours at work and his mom remaining by his brother's side, Reece has no one to turn to. Ethan's dad was murdered before he was born. His wealthy mother tried her best to raise him the way his father had dreamed. As a teen he rebelled and his friends may not be the best influence. The school is surprised when he starts showing up suddenly. These four students are thrown together in an after school class to help raise their grades and stay on track for graduation. The bond they form is more than anyone could have hoped for.
153911936X / 9781539119364
19.2 oz.
6.0 x 0.7 in.

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