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Bunty Bunce, Gordon Miller

Journey of the Raindrop

language ( April 9, 2020)
Come on an exciting adventure with God's Holy Spirit! (In this book He is in the form of a raindrop). The Raindrop takes a little child on a supernatural journey, to the heavens and back again, revealing the truth of God's heart for the world. "I had a vision in October 2018. I was sitting in the Lords lap as a child at a table. My hands were in top and someone came and put a quill in my hand and then covered my hands with theirs! I then thought my hands were going to write something. The vision disappeared. March of last year the Lord brought the vision to my mind again and so I took two weeks out to write. I sat with a whiteboard and laptop and said Lord. What would you like me to write? 'Draw a wave' which I did.. be a raindrop.. which I drew.. one with a smile on! Then I started writing. I soon realised the Raindrop was the Holy Spirit and that was how the story formed!"- Bunty Bunce