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Cally Finsbury, Timothy Finsbury

Science Fair

language ( March 15, 2018)

Science Fair

This is a simple story about science week.
Join Amy as she prepares and enjoys science week. This story is for young children or primary school children who want to know more about what Amy did at school during science week and the experiments she did with her mum with household items she had around the house. She explores her garden, the park and enjoys how science is in nature and in her home.
Amy's teacher wants the children to know more about how fun science is. Through their preparation for a class assembly and their interests, the children find out more about experiments.

Science is amazing and children should be encouraged to be curious and ask questions about what they notice. They should be helped to develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of scientific enquiry to answer their own questions, including observing changes over a period of time, noticing patterns, grouping and classifying things, carrying out simple comparative tests, and finding things out using secondary sources of information.
This story can be used as a stimulus to encourage children to find out why things happen.
Includes a simple list of key vocabulary.

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