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The Mightiest
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Keiko Kasza
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Puffin Books
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Picture Puffins
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Age 3-5
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Keiko Kasza

The Mightiest

Paperback (Puffin Books Nov. 10, 2003) , Reprint edition
Is the Bear, the Elephant, or the Lion the mightiest animal in the forest? When the three friends come upon a golden crown that says, "For the Mightiest," they each think that they deserve the title. Just when it looks like they'll argue forever, an old woman comes along, which gives them an idea. They'll have a contest to see who can scare her the most! But their game goes awry when a giant appears to take the crown. The giant is certainly the biggest, but does that make him the mightiest? Or is there someone else even mightier than the giant? Keiko Kasza charms us again with a subtle reminder that no one is mightier than Mom.
Picture Puffins
0142501859 / 9780142501856
4.0 oz.
9.2 x 7.7 in.

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