Grade 1-2

Heather Wolf

Kipnuk Visits Sea Isle

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Nov. 18, 2015) , 7 edition
"Love is a great gift that should be cherished and shared." - Heather Wolf, Kipnuk Visits Sea Isle - The Adventures of Kipnuk the Talking Dog continues with Book IV of the Kipnuk Adventure Series - Kipnuk Visits Sea Isle -Special Edition. Kipnuk, the lovable Alaskan malamute who has warmed the hearts of many and Joe the Musher leave New York City and head to Sea Isle to visit Joe's Uncle Jerry. It is Kipnuk's very first time seeing the ocean and he explores and experiences the wonders of the seashore and makes lots of new friends. The series continues with its central theme of compassion, loving-kindness and caring for others. It is an easy read and would make a great bedtime book. Don't miss this book! Check out Facebook for Kipnuk the Talking Dog and for the entire collection!
The Kipnuk Adventure Series (Book 7)
1500286745 / 9781500286743
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8.5 x 0.2 in.

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