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RaShelle Workman


language (Polished Pen Press, llc May 6, 2021)

The Wolf Blood Academy gave me an ultimatum. Either attend and take my place in the pack or my family suffers the consequences.

After helping the academy find those responsible for killing the students, I should rule Legacy House, but no good deed goes unpunished.

With all the accolades, there’s a target on my back and I’m in the crosshairs of mayhem and bullying.

Except this time, it’s a whole new game.

The vampires from Nightwalker Academy are here for the annual Nocturnal Competition. It should be fun and games, but someone or something is using the tournament for their own nefarious purposes.

To save them, I will have to become the alpha I was born to be but doing so might cost me the love of my life.


Wolf Blood Academy Series:

Iniation (1/2021)

Induction (2/2021)

Inheritance (3/2021)

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