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Age 7-11
Grade 2-6

Rudyard Kipling


Paperback (Dover Publications Feb. 13, 2019) , null edition
The son of an Irish soldier, Kim doesn’t really fit in with the other residents of his native Lahore or among India's British transplants. The 13-year-old orphan struggles to find an identity for himself, while living hand-to-mouth in the streets. When he's befriended by a Tibetan monk, Kim becomes the elderly lama's disciple and joins the quest to locate the sacred River of the Arrow.
But Kim's adventures are only just beginning. Along the way, he's recruited to carry a secret message for British Intelligence, becoming an agent in "the Great Game" — the 19th-century contest between Russia and the British Empire for control over Central Asia. Kim's torn between the excitement of spying and the freedom of life on the road, and he faces a staggering challenge when his two worlds collide. Nobel Prize-winner Rudyard Kipling's vivid portrait of India during the 1890s recaptures the region's diversity of peoples and cultures in a tale that brims with intrigue and treachery.
Dover Children's Evergreen Classics
0486828832 / 9780486828831
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