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In the Daily Life of the Ancient Romans

Age 9-14
Grade 4-8

Peter Hicks, David Salariya, Mark Bergin, John James, Nick Hewetson, Gerald Wood

In the Daily Life of the Ancient Romans

Hardcover (Brighter Child Feb. 9, 2001)

This exciting series explores ancient life by examining the traditions and religious beliefs of each culture. Through photographs, illustrations, and cut-away, detailed diagrams, each book considers the way religious beliefs affected culture-- from food, drink, and entertainment to rituals surrounding birth and death. This unique series is an essential reference guide for library sections that focus on ancient life and offers students ample information for research reports in these subject areas. Supplements school curriculum social studies.

Gods and Goddesses
0872265951 / 9780872265950
21.6 oz.
8.7 x 0.25 in.

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