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Science Experiments with Sound & Music

Age 8+
Grade 2-3

Shar Levine, Leslie Johnstone

Science Experiments with Sound & Music

Paperback (Sterling March 1, 2002)
"A thorough, inviting look at what sounds and music are all about...34 easy-to-do activities that demonstrate the scientific concepts behind sound waves, pitch, acoustics, scales, etc...full-color photos and cartoon artwork...add appeal and interest." --School Library Journal

"...entertaining and interesting experiments...many colorful illustrations and photographs contribute to the educational experience by visually engaging the reader...useful resource, both enjoyable and stimulating. It is recommended strongly..."--VOYA

"...explores the physics of sound through a series of activities using fairly common materials..."--Booklist

It's music to your ears--but why does one instrument make a different sound than another? What separates music from noise? And, how do we hear tone and rhythm? Uncovering the answers to these questions is a symphony of fun, and an entertaining way to understand physics and math! Each of these delightfully illustrated safe and "sound" experiments uses ordinary materials to teach fabulous facts about the bangs, slaps, whistles, claps, and harmonies in our world. Entertaining to look at and enjoyable to do!
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