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A Child's Anti-Slavery Book

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Grade 4-6

Authors Various Authors, Various

A Child's Anti-Slavery Book

Paperback (Book Jungle July 4, 2008)
A Child's Anti-Slavery Book Containing a Few Words About American Slave Children and Stories of Slave-Life is a book written for children with an introduction about slave life and several stories by various authors. The introduction explains in simple terms why some children are free while others are born slaves. The language is simple yet conveys the author's message against the wickedness of slavery. Stories included are: Little Lewis - The Story of a slave Boy, Mark and Hasty, Aunt Judy's Story - A Story from Real Life, and Me Neber Give it Up. This would be an excellent book added to an Elementary school American history curriculum
1605978477 / 9781605978475
2.4 oz.
7.5 x 0.2 in.

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