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North American River Otter

Age 6-9
Grade 1-4

Ellen Lawrence

North American River Otter

Library Binding (Bearport Pub Co Inc Aug. 1, 2016)
Splash! Three playful creatures slide down a muddy slope and fall into a pond. Twisting and turning in the water, the river otter family continues its game. It’s not all play, though, and soon the animals begin to hunt for fish in the murky water of their swamp home. Filled with information perfectly suited to the abilities and interests of its primary-grade audience, this colorful, fact-filled book gives readers a chance not only to learn all about river otters and the swamp habitat in which they live, but also to develop their powers of observation and critical thinking. Built-in activities, such as investigating the ways an otter’s body is adapted to a life in water and guessing why mother otters push their little pups into the water, give readers a chance to gain insights beyond the facts and figures.
Swamp Things: Animal Life in a Wetland
194410254X / 9781944102548
10.4 oz.
10.2 x 0.2 in.

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