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Space Pirates: A Map-Reading Adventure

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Age 6-9
Grade 1-4

Scoular Anderson

Space Pirates: A Map-Reading Adventure

Hardcover (Annick Press Sept. 4, 2004)

Help a hapless pirate crew navigate its way to intergalactic treasure.

The pirate starship Sleepy Sheep is on the hunt for intergalactic riches. Scattered across an exotic treasure planet are dozens of pirate chests. But only ten contain real booty. Armed with ten maps, our motley crew needs all the help they can get to find the goods before their enemies do.

Young readers are invited to join the hunt in Space Pirates by following the clues to find the treasure. Each double-page challenge develops basic map-reading skills, how to follow a compass, using a map key, and tracking a grid reference. Only by solving the map puzzles can readers help the hapless pirates nab the treasure before their nemesis, the evil pirate, One Hand Hulke, gets his hook into the booty.

Full of busy cartoon-style pictures in the Where's Waldo? tradition, challenging puzzles, and a memorable cast of characters, Space Pirates is a treasure hunt that's out of this world.

1550378813 / 9781550378818
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11.0 x 0.1 in.

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