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Simple Machines Everywhere Set

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Age 5-8
Grade 1-2


Simple Machines Everywhere Set

Library Binding (Powerkids Pr Aug. 1, 2014)
Offer readers a fresh, kid-friendly approach to a subject that features prominently in elementary-school physical science curricula. Every book in the series explains each of the six kinds of simple machines: inclined planes, wedges, screws, levers, pulleys, and wheels and axles. Each volume includes several photos with labels, arrows, and other annotations that make it easier for readers to understand the main ideas and key details discussed in the text. A highly accessible take on one of the fundamental topics in physical science. • Real-world examples aid comprehension • Photographs overlaid with arrows, labels, and more illustrate key details • Clear explanations of domain-specific words and phrases
Simple Machines Everywhere
1477766464 / 9781477766460
51.2 oz.
8.2 x 1.8 in.

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