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Rodman Philbrick, Kirby Heyborne, Scholastic Audio


Audiobook (Scholastic Audio Sept. 3, 2019) , Unabridged

The smell of smoke.

A layer of stinky fog dims the sky. Except along the horizon, which is suddenly flickering orange above the treetops.

Wildfire, moving fast.

Heading in our direction.

Birds, deer, squirrels, and raccoons explode from the surrounding forest, racing to stay ahead of the flames. The message couldn’t be clearer. Run. If you want to live, run.

Rodman Philbrick pulls listeners through a nightmare that has become much too real in the US. In 2017-2018, wildfires broke out in all 50 states. During the 2018 California Camp Fire, CNN reported that at its fastest, flames “spread at more than a football field a second, or around 80 football fields per minute.”

Wildfire. Will it be fact or fiction in your own life some day? For now, join Sam and his friend, Delphy, as they face dangers that have shaken the lives of so many people across our world - with no end in sight.