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Rhiannon D. Elton

The Case of Mothy

eBook (Pelaia Adventures March 3, 2019) , 2 edition
Normally the river ship, Silver Ice Hair, journeys peacefully and without issue, but when Mr Wolflock Felen is aboard drama, trouble and mysteries flood the decks. Join us for the second case in Wolflock’s journey to Mystentine University, where he faces his biggest enemy, his arrogance.

Wolflock has gotten bored and gotten into trouble. Your favourite mischief magnet has thrown himself into hot water and upset nearly everyone on board. He may be well on his way to becoming Puinteyle’s greatest investigator, but in this case he is faced with his hardest dichotomy.

Will he forgo exercising his greatest intellectual prowess and save his relationship with his best friend? Or will he charge onwards and lose Mothy’s friendship forever?

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