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Timothy Zahn

Dragonback Bargain

Hardcover (Science Fiction Book Club March 15, 2005)
The golden-scaled K'da warrior Daycos is perfectly content to remain with his symbiont companion of ten years as their battle cruiser flees the Valahgua, the aliens responsible for destroying his home. But a Valahguan ambush forces their ship to crash-land on an unknown world, and only Draycos survives. With his bondmate dead, a weakened, marooned Draycos faces certain death if he cannot find a replacement within hours. But Jack Morgan, 14-year-old part-time thief and full-time fugitive, has managed to survive -- and stay ahead of the law -- while hiding his space craft on this remote planet with the help of the computerized personality of his late (and professionally dishonest) uncle Virge. When Jack investigates the crash site for salvage, Draycos discovers to his surprised relief that Jack can serve as a K'da symbiont and persuades the boy to accept the relationship. In exchange, Draycos offers Jack his considerable warrior skills in keeping ahead of the interstellar police. Jack and Draycos may make an uneasy team, but together they prove far greater than the sum of their parts. In a far-flung race across space, against time, and for a noble people, Jack and Draycos will boldly face the threat of the Valahgua at every turn. But facing each other is even more interesting....
22.4 oz.
8.3 x 5.6 in.

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