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Stephanie S. Tolan

Welcome to the Ark

Paperback (BookSurge Publishing Aug. 11, 2009) , Reprint edition
In a world reeling from the escalating violence of terrorism, war and crime, four brilliant young misfits are thrown together in an experimental group home they dub “The Ark”—part of a private mental hospital in the Adirondack mountains. Amanda (the linguist), Elijah (apparently autistic), Doug (the mathematician), and Taryn (the poet and mystic), soon discover powers of mind far beyond their extraordinary intellects. Dreaming versions of the same dream, able to join consciousness first with each other, then with nature, and finally with other brilliant children around the world, they feel a sense of mission they struggle to define. Perhaps they are here to stop the violence threatening humanity. But first they must find a way to save themselves. Welcome to the Ark is the first volume of the Ark Trilogy. The second is Flight of the Raven.
1439243808 / 9781439243800
10.9 oz.
5.0 x 0.6 in.

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