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Look! Drawing the Line in Art

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Age 6-10
Grade K-5

Gillian Wolfe

Look! Drawing the Line in Art

Hardcover (Frances Lincoln Children's Books July 28, 2008)
How a line is drawn is often the first lesson a child learns about drawing. But how have the world’s great artists used lines to represent emotions, actions, or important issues? In this entertaining and educational book, award-winning art historian and children’s author Gillian Wolfe explores paintings with disappearing lines, hidden lines, solid lines, facial lines, and many other lines. Questions within the text encourage readers to examine each work more closely and to think about the artist’s techniques and intentions. The paintings represent a wide range of periods and cultures and include works by Picasso, Winslow Homer, Bernard Perlin, and Vincent van Gogh.
1845078241 / 9781845078249
14.4 oz.
8.8 x 0.3 in.

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