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King Arthur's Ransom
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Donna Vann
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Tales out of Time
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Age 8-9
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Donna Vann

King Arthur's Ransom

Paperback (CF4Kids Sept. 20, 2003) , Revised edition edition

King Uther is dying. The Council of Elders must decide who will rule Caerleon. Why do they not see? - it must be Arthur!

The nation of Caerleon is in the midst of a power vacuum. Vibiana knows who should be King... but there are others who are out to snatch power for themselves. Arthur, Cai, Vibiana and young Bem all have their part to play. Whoever finds the missing Torc is the rightful ruler. Will Arthur find the Torc and claim his rightful place as King and ruler or will the evil Morcanta's schemes succeed?

Donna Vann's emphasis on historical accuracy is exemplary. There is no myth or fairy tale in her work. Historical artefacts and research add another dimension to the book.

Tales out of Time
1857928490 / 9781857928495
5.1 oz.
4.2 x 0.5 in.

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