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Dangerous Deception
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Peg Kehret
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Puffin Books
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Age 10-13
Grade 5-6

Peg Kehret

Dangerous Deception

Paperback (Puffin Books Oct. 6, 2015) , Reprint edition
Award-winning author Peg Kehret returns with a suspenseful thriller for middle graders!

Peg Kehret includes humor, animal rescue, and heart-pounding suspense in this story about good intentions gone wrong. Sixth-grader Emmy Rushford decides to provide food for a needy family, but the project turns perilous when Emmy must deal with a car crash, a cat thrown into a Dumpster, and a belligerent neighbor. Then she discovers an apartment full of stolen goods. Her courageous efforts to help hungry children, rescue the cat, and break up a ring of thieves soon put her life at risk.

0147511755 / 9780147511751
4.8 oz.
5.2 x 0.6 in.

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