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Age 9-11
Grade 4-6

Peter Benoit

Women's Right to Vote

Library Binding (Children's Press March 1, 2014) , Library edition
Find out why women were barred from voting in the country's early history, how they fought tirelessly against oppression for decades, and how they eventually achieved victory.
Even before the first glorious ring of the Liberty Bell, America was a land of freedom and promise. The Cornerstones of Freedom series explores what inspires people from all over the world to start life anew here, endure the economic and social upheavals, and defend the land and rights that are unique to the United States of America.

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a time when women were not allowed to vote in the United States. But while women are today an important force in the nation's government, they were not guaranteed the right to vote until 1920, with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.
Cornerstones of Freedom: Third Series
0531213331 / 9780531213339
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