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Library Book: The Quiltmaker's Journey

Age 6+
Grade 1-2

National Geographic Learning

Library Book: The Quiltmaker's Journey

Hardcover (National Geographic School Pub June 23, 2010) , 1 edition
Jeff Brumbeau's prequel to the best-selling THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT, illustrated with Gail de Marcken's rich, sumptuously detailed paintings, will be embraced by new and old fans of the Quiltmaker.Escaping from the protective walls of wealth and privilege, a young girl discovers the harsh world outside, where some people don't have as much as others. When she realizes that she has the power to help them, the young girl finds a strength and peace she never knew before. Making the loveliest quilts in all the land, the young girl decides to give them away.
0439512190 / 9780439512190
19.2 oz.
9.0 x 0.5 in.

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