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Fossil Detective: Woolly Mammoth

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Age 8-12
Grade 2-7

Dennis Schatz

Fossil Detective: Woolly Mammoth

Hardcover (Silver Dolphin Books May 24, 2006)
Building the new wing at the high school stops when woolly mammoth bones are discovered at the construction site. A pair of "fossil detectives," archaeologists from the university, arrives to supervise the recovery of the bones. By piecing together clues, and the bones, the detectives form and test theories about how this mammoth died. While they follow the arguments and the evidence, young readers dig out mammoth "bones" of their own and assemble a woolly mammoth skeleton! This exciting kit includes 16 fossilized bones embedded in rock material, excavation tools, a tray of “created” fossils, a 40-page book, historical timelines, a pictorial glossary, and a peek-through window on the cover.
Fossil Detective
1592233740 / 9781592233748
27.2 oz.
10.2 x 1.2 in.

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