Grade 2-3

Jenny Brown

My Dog Farts Smoke

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Jan. 27, 2015)
My Dog Farts Smoke is a children's story with nine pictures is based upon a real live event when my son actually did leave to go to Afghanistan. It was a learning experience for him and we worried and prayed for his safety while he was gone. It brought to our attention in a powerful way the sacrifices that are made that we may live in this country with the freedom that we enjoy. Bennett is a real dog that we all love and he really did fart often. I love Bennett but sometimes he drives me crazy. You see he likes to fart. Yes he loves to fart, and when he farts it has smoke sometimes. Small farts, medium farts and big smelly farts. Check Out What Others Are Saying about My Dog Farts Smoke. Annie says that my kids were laughing and wanted it read again. Samuel thought that Bennett was the greatest and wants a dog just like him.
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