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Bucky Stone #7: Bucky Gets Busted

David B. Smith

Bucky Stone #7: Bucky Gets Busted

eBook (Review and Herald Publishing Association March 31, 2010) , 1 edition
“Shultz, stop! You’re gonna kill us!”

Shifting in the driver’s seat, Jonathan hesitated, punched the accelerator, and hurtled through the red light. Immediately an eerie wail filled the air, sending a thrill of fear through Bucky. Was this his lab partner’s idea of fun?

Taking his foot off the gas, Jonathan eased the van to the side of the road. Suddenly there was a squeal of tires, and the vehicle shot forward.

“What are you doing?” Bucky demanded.

“I’m drivin’, baby.”

“You’re crazy, Shultz! It’s only a traffic ticket. Pull over!”

Just ahead railroad warning lights began to ding. “There we go!” Jonathan muttered, a strange note of exhilaration in his voice. To the left, a train approached the crossing. The engine’s whine grew as the van raced it to the intersection.

A nightmare weekend gets Bucky thinking about the importance of integrity – to the law, girls, his buddies, and Christ. Volume Seven’s baseball road trip has our hero arrested, along with a flirtatious new redhead who threatens to upend his romantic rendezvous with Lisa.

David B. Smith is also the author of the recent “Finding Waldo,” about his father’s Hollywood experience in the Our Gang comedy troupe.

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