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Humphrey Quinn

Isle of Vessels

(Independently published Jan. 11, 2020)
We Witches Three Book 10, Isle of VesselsDoing the right thing sucked in a way that in this moment, Charlie Howard saw clearly why good men went bad. How someone, even a witch, who'd spent his life fighting on the side of good, could suddenly swerve and venture down the dark side. Lizzy Deane is stuck inside another living nightmare… Which means she's not only living out her worst fear of being stuck in another prison, but she's unable to break the curse on the vampire, Grayson Moone. Who is locked up in the basement of the Howard Witches, but for how much longer? He's getting stronger with every day that passes. The only reality they are sure is coming: they are running out of time to break the curse, and save Lizzy. An outcome Charlie isn't handling well and one that leads him down a path he'd never dreamed he'd go. Will he give into the temptation? Or do what is right for Lizzy and The Demon Isle? Or will he forsake his duty and turn down a dark path he never imagined possible…
We Witches Three (Book 10)
1659133416 / 9781659133417
10.7 oz.
5.0 x 0.6 in.

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