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This Place is Wild: East Africa

Age 7-10
Grade 2-3

Vicki Cobb, Barbara Lavallee

This Place is Wild: East Africa

Paperback (Walker Childrens Feb. 1, 2000) , 0th Edition

Join Vicki Cobb and Barbara Lavallee on an exciting safari adventure into the Masai Mara of Kenya and Tanzania, home to more large mammals than any other place on Earth. It is a challenge to balance the needs of wildlife with the demands of civilization, but Cobb and Lavallee introduce us to people committed to living in harmony with the land-from Masai farmers to the promoters of eco-tourism. The newest entry in the Imagine Living Here series (This Place Is Cold, This Place Is Wet) continues to explore the ways that geography impacts upon culture throughout the world.

Imagine Living Here
0802775799 / 9780802775795
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8.5 x 0.12 in.

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