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Star Wars - Adventure in Beggar's Canyon

Age 2-4

Jane B. Mason, Gary Ciccarelli

Star Wars - Adventure in Beggar's Canyon

Hardcover (Golden Books Dec. 31, 1999)
The teenage Luke Skywalker, with a friend, set off for a rare day of fun in Beggar's Canyon. But their Skyhopper crashed, and they were soon beset by Jawas, and then Sand People. Holed up in a cave-like spot, they discovered it was the home of Krayt dragons and the entrance was trapped. From nowhere, a man in a hooded robe appeared, Ben, who tamed the wild creatures, and led them home. Afterward, after Ben had left, Luke had the odd feeling that Ben would always be watching over him.
Star Wars
0307988791 / 9780307988799
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7.0 x 0.2 in.

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