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Age 12+
Grade 7-12

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Renaissance and Discovery

Hardcover (Brighter Child Feb. 9, 2001)

Renaissance and Discovery, the fourth volume in Peter Bedrick Books’ comprehensive new History of the World series, highlights dramatic new discoveries and exploration that drastically altered the way people understood their world. Featuring Renaissance Italy, the Reformation, the New Science, and Britain’s Colonies, this book gives a detailed overview of this inspired period of discovery.

This beautifully illustrated six-volume series introduces children in grades 4 to 8 to the important developments in world history in a clear and accessible way. Each book:

•Presents key information in historical order for easy reference.

•Examines the important political, religious, scientific, artistic, and lifestyle developments that have shaped our world.

• Includes timelines on every spread for quick and easy reference.

•Contains 48 pages of colorful images and diagrams that depict the people and the places of the past.

•Features an insightful quotation on every spread that provides the view of an important historical figure of the time.

History of the World
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