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Boxcar Molly: A Story from the Great Depression

Age 10+
Grade 3-4

James Riordan

Boxcar Molly: A Story from the Great Depression

Hardcover (B.E.S. Publishing Sept. 8, 2002)
It is the 1930s and the Great Depression has generated poverty that threatens to tear America apart. Fourteen-year-old Molly has nobody to rely on but herself. To survive, she needs to find work. Any kind of work will do. With millions unemployed, Molly decides that the only way to find work is to travel. Riding freight trains in search of a decent meal and a place to live, Molly sees the misery of the Depression firsthand. Survivors is a brand-new and dramatic collection of short novels for young readers, each book about a young person caught up in a real-life conflict or disaster that boys and girls will recognize from their history books. The stories are fiction, but through each young hero's eyes, the boys and girls who read these tales will gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day hardships and dangers encountered by people living and surviving through troubled times. Each book has a brief introduction relating actual historical events, and at the end of each book, young readers will find a brief historical note that places the story in a larger context plus a glossary of terms specific to the time and place. Boys and girls will also find a list of suggested further reading. Line illustrations capture the atmosphere of each story. Titles in this series are available in both paperback and hardcover editions. This is a hardcover book. (Ages 10-13)
Survivors Series
0764155296 / 9780764155291
9.0 oz.
5.5 x 0.5 in.

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