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The Story of Food: Salt
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Alex Woolf
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The Story of Food
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Age 9-11
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Alex Woolf

The Story of Food: Salt

Paperback (Wayland June 23, 2020) , Reprint edition

Did you know that the little white grains that sit in your salt cellar have an amazing story to tell?

The simple condiment has caused wars to break out, empires to be conquered and black markets to flourish. This book describes the journey salt has taken, from prehistoric religious offerings to a staple seasoning.

Other topics covered are the health aspects of salt, how it is produced, its chemical properties and how it is traded around the world. This book is an ideal leisure read, but also perfect for course work and presentations.

This series, for children aged 9+, delves deep into the long and interesting histories of the foods that have shaped our world.

The Story of Food (Book 3)
0750299819 / 9780750299817
5.3 oz.
8.4 x 0.1 in.

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