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Bugs: Interact with Augmented Reality Creepy Crawlies

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Age 7+
Grade 2-3

Hannah Wilson

Bugs: Interact with Augmented Reality Creepy Crawlies

Hardcover (Carlton Kids March 6, 2018)
With its amazing high-tech AR, this book brings bugs to life!

Want to watch a Goliath bird-eating tarantula crawl across your table, a Giant Wetapunga Cricket jump on your friend’s hand, or the world’s biggest butterfly flutter around your bedroom? All it takes is this book and a smartphone or tablet! With its unique high-tech features, Bugs allows kids to interact with nature’s most remarkable creepy-crawlies. Eleven fact-packed profiles supply all the need-to-know info about each insect—their size, habitat, anatomy, diet, and other extraordinary features. Then open the app to trigger the AR action, use the controls to make the bugs life-size or bigger, rotate them for a closer 3D look, make them walk or fly around the room—and have fun.

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1783122536 / 9781783122530
14.9 oz.
9.2 x 0.5 in.

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