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The Summer Vacation from the Black Lagoon

Age 6-8
Grade 2-4

Mike Thaler, Jared Lee

The Summer Vacation from the Black Lagoon

Library Binding (Abdo Pub Jan. 1, 2012) , Reprint edition
Hubie's friends are away, his mom has chores for him, and his popsicle stand is melting. How is he ever going to survive boring summer vacation?

The outrageously funny picture books series from Mike Thaler and Jared Lee are now chapter books! Follow Hubie on his adventures in the Black Lagoon, where how rumors can make a student create a monster of any teacher! These stories are sure to amuse and quell fears of new experiences at the same time!

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Black Lagoon Adventures (Book 17)
9781599619 / 9781599619644
6.4 oz.
5.5 x 0.2 in.

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