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Joining the Boston Tea Party

Age 5-10
Grade K-5

Diane Stanley, Holly Berry

Joining the Boston Tea Party

Hardcover (HarperCollins July 24, 2001) , 1st Edition

Liz, Lenny, and Grandma are back for another time-traveling adventure. With the Fourth of July fast approaching, there's only one thing for them to do ...

Join the Boston Tea Party!

With the help of Grandma's magic hat, the twins journey back to Boston in 1773. From powdered wigs and petticoats to Indian pudding and chamber pots, Liz and Lenny get a firsthand look at life in colonial America. But best of all they actually join the "Mohawks" as they dump tea into Boston Harbor and help begin the American Revolution.

Diane Stanley once again blends humor and historical detail in this exciting second installment of the Time-Traveling Twins series. Featuring word balloons packed with comedy and lots of information, and Holly Berry's inviting illustrations, this book will make readers jump at the chance to join the twins as they learn about history by living it!

The Time-Traveling Twins
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