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Eyewitness Explorer: Bird Watcher

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Age 8-12
Grade 3-7


Eyewitness Explorer: Bird Watcher

Paperback (DK Children Sept. 1, 2015)

In Eyewitness Explorers: Bird Watcher, young bird lovers can discover all they need to know about these winged wonders. In the book are 30 hands on activities that allow budding ornithologists to build a birdfeeder, make a nest box, birdbath, and bird garden; plus uncover tracks and trails, study nests, explore different kinds of bird feathers and eggs, and learn migration patterns.

Eyewitness Explorers encourage hands-on learning with 30 easy activities that help children observe, explore, and learn about the natural world. Each book explains the science behind the activities, laying the essential groundwork for contextualizing the experience to come. But at the heart of the books are the activities themselves — a chance to learn by doing with experiments that can be carried out right at home. Most can even be completed with materials already on hand, so there's no complicated preparation or specialized equipment needed. Simply choose one of the projects and follow the step-by-step, photographically illustrated instructions.

Eyewitness Explorers
1465435026 / 9781465435026
12.6 oz.
8.5 x 0.3 in.

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