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Tinkle Digest 23

language (Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd Nov. 1, 1993)
• The baron is as stupid as he is cruel. Clever Hans is all set to take advantage of this and teach him a lesson! Find out how Hans tricks The Foolish Baron in this witty tale!
• How are we able to walk on fine sand, float on clear, light water and cut things with a knife? Discover the mysteries of science which enable the flight of a gigantic aircraft and rise of tiny bubbles in water in Pressure.
• The king wants to find the greatest artist in the land and manages to find three! The competition is a tough one as the first two manage to fool bees and birds with their painting. Read on to know who will win The Contest! Has come up with a new business plan for his employer.
• Kalia the Crow has stumbled upon an ancient ruin. Will its trapdoor help him against Chamataka’s wily traps?

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