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What Happens When Someone Has Allergies?

Age 8-11
Grade 4+

Katie Kawa

What Happens When Someone Has Allergies?

Library Binding (KidHaven Publishing Dec. 15, 2019) , 1 edition
Some people are allergic to pollen while others have a food allergy. Cats might make someone sneeze, and dogs might make someone else break out in hives. Allergies affect people in many different ways, and sometimes they can be deadly. Knowing the facts about different kinds of allergies can help young people understand their own body better and can also help them support people they know who have allergies. Diagrams, sidebars, full-color photographs, and graphic organizers work with the accessible main text to provide detailed information about what allergies are, how they're diagnosed, and how they can be treated.
The KidHaven Health Library
1534532463 / 9781534532465
12.6 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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